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Peacock Bass aren’t the only species available to catch in the Amazon Jungle but once you’ve had your first peacock you’ll understand why they are the primary target of our Amazon Fishing Adventures!

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When we go, we stay in air-conditioned comfort on the Amazon Otter, the finest floating hotel along the Amazon River. The Otter features the best staff, service and food to enhance your Amazon Fishing Adventure!

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What can we say about the Woodchopper! It is by far the most exciting fishing technique to catch a big peacock bass on but it takes some practice and effort to get the right ripping sound and movement. It’s worth it!

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Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures

Our Amazon Fishing always begins with Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures!

Ron Speed Jrs Adventures for Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing

Why Choose Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures?

  • 28 Years of Experience
  • America’s Leading International Outfitter
  • Fanatic Support for Your Adventure
  • Amazon Otter is the Finest Floating Hotel
  • Most Experienced Amazon River Guides
  • Rio Negro is Home to the Real Giants
  • Peacock Bass Fishing at its Best
  • All Black Water – No Mosquitoes
  • Seasonal Options Available

Clients Are Saying…

As with my business

you only hear from two types of customers, ones that had a poor experience and ones that had a fantastic one. This one is the latter. This was my first trip to Brazil and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. The Guides all worked to put us on fish, and one in particular Gee, worked with my fishing partner and I Wednesday morning and taught us the correct technique to rip the baits. The fish I caught on Wednesday with Gee are 18lbs around 8:00am, 22 lbs around 9:00am and 25 lbs at 3:00pm.
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Gator Jim gets more than he bargained for!

The Rio Negro is the main north tributary to the Amazon River. It is one of the primary tributaries fished by Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures and the Otter. The IGFA all tackle world record Peacock Bass was caught from the Rio Negro and weighed 28 pounds.

Speckled Peacock Bass are usually the primary target of anglers fishing the Amazon River but plenty of other fish are available to keep you busy including the toothy Piranha, aggressive Wolf Fish, catfish and Arapaima to name just a few.

The Otter we stay on when fishing the Amazon is a fine floating hotel. Suites and the dining area are air-conditioned for your comfort. We never run out of great food and drink with a mix of local and expected favorites to fill you up!

Get Brazil fishing at it’s finest is by booking with Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures. Contact them at +1 800-722-0006 or visit for more information!

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The Amazon Fishing, the jungle and adventure showcased through pictures!