We get lots of questions about how to prepare for an Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trip to Brazil, and what to bring. Here’s a todo list and a list of items for your information courtesy of our friends at Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures.

To-do List

  • Contact Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures to schedule your Amazon Adventure and peacock bass fishing trip!
  • Contact Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures to setup round-trip flight from Miami to Manaus, Brazil (earlier arrangements can get better pricing)
  • Setup round-trip flight from your hometown to Miami for connection (Tip: choose an earlier flight in the day to have backup options in case winter weather causes delays)
  • At least 120 days before your trip make sure your Passport is valid and does not expire before or during your trip
  • At least 90 days before your trip apply for your Brazilian VISA. Contact Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures for assistance to make this required step smooth and quick as possible
  • Check your airlines weight and size restrictions when planning your clothing and equipment packing

Items to Bring

  • $200 tip money you give the ship captain at the end of the week shared with all staff (Note: You can tip your different guides more daily as they rotate if you choose)
  • $20 to pay the cook to wash your clothes if desired during the week
  • Several high speed casting reels with strong 65 or 80 lbs test braid
  • Sunscreen and lip screen
  • Cool, comfortable clothing for 70 – 94 °F weather
  • Snacks for the boat (they provide meals and beverages)
  • Camera
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Insect repellent (though there are few mosquitoes along the Rio Negro because the water is too acidic)
  • Diarrhea medicine (just in case needed)
  • Tape and bandages for fingers and hands – woodchopping retrieve may cause a few blisters

Don’t hesitate to contact us at AmazonFishing.net (GreatLakesBass.com) if you have any questions about taking your Amazon Adventure and Peacock Bass Fishing Trip. If you think we’ve left something important off our lists above please share that suggestion with us.

You can always skip the middle-man and take your questions right to your exclusive outfitter below! It’s a good idea to confirm the latest checklist items as changes can occur.

Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures

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