Big Peacock Bass from 2010 2

Big Peacock Bass from 2010, part 2

More big peacock bass fishing pictures from our amazing January 2010 trophy fishing trip to the Rio Negro, Brazil deep in the Amazon Jungle! Part 1 had plenty of pictures of big and trophy peacock bass but here are even more of the big ones that didn’t get away!
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Michael Kinchen and guide on the Rio Negro, Amazon 02-28-2012 peacock bass fishing

Missing the Amazon

This is Dan Kimmel reporting in. I haven’t been back to the mighty Amazon River, specifically the Rio Negro, since February 2012 and I sure do miss the jungle and those amazing peacock bass! Hoping to make it back on a future trip for another crack at the world record peacock bass that swim the massive Rio Negro (Black River)!
This is a picture of my fishing partner during the last trip, Michael Kinchen, and one of our daily local guides – changes every day to a different guide so you get a fresh look at the river and hot fishing spots every day!